The history

Our passion for wine goes far back and started as many
with an interest in wine.
This got us around to many wine tastings and on wine tours abroad and led to the construction of own wine cellar.
We started planting the first plants i Hjoerring in North Jutland.
We started to produce wine from our own grapes.
It was decided to establish our own vineyard on a hobby basis and bought land in southern Jutland  in Skelde with a good geographical location.
We planted our vineyard.
We started to plan build our own house with its own vinery.
The house was to planed to be buildt in 2008.

The wine yard was started with good help from the village.
From 2008, we have has produced wines on Domain Nyballe.
In 2011 we got the 1. prize for our Rogivo wine from 2010 from Viticulture of South Denmark on their 10 year jubileum festival. 
The interests for our wines have been growing since then.
We established ourselves as a professional approved vineyard.

We started to build a winery with greater storage capacity and sales and tasting room.
18. June we got a special award for our Rogivo 2014 matured in oak barrels at the National Danish Wine Spectacle.
6. November our Rogento from 2013 got the 1. price in Viticulture of South Denmark’s wine fare, in the category wines older than  2015.
In the summer 2017, we expect to start with sales and wine tastings at the vineyard.

Telefon: + 45 2311 5058