Wine 2016

Product list year 2016.

Generally for the year 2016.
It will be an amazing vintage.
In spite of the semi-good spring and the bad weather in summer, where the late summer gave dangers for fungal attacks.
The early Autum weather all tough gave some amazing benefits and resultet in a really good quality.
The wines are already now at the end of November 2017 looking to become something completely unique.
The first wines from this vintage can be expected to be ready for sale in 2018.
We expected that our Camoro can become a really finechrismas wine from 2018 onwards.
With the experience of the past few years we will  get more wine to be mature in oak barrels.

  Produkt navn Årgang Alk.% Pris kr. / € Bemærkninger
        0,75 l  
  Amigavo em carvalho
(Matured in oak barrals)
Drue: Rondo
2016 12,2 250/34 Limited numbers.
Druer: Rondo / Leon Millot
2016 12,6 230/31 Open for order. Ready for sale 2019
  Rogivo em carvalho
(Matured in oak barrals)
Druer: Rondo / Leon Millot
2016 12,6 270/35 Limited numbers.
Ready for sale end of 2018
Druer: Rondo/Regent/Leon Millot
2016 13 230/31 Open for order. Ready for sale 2019
Druer: Rondo/Leon Millot / Castel
2016 13,2 230/31 Ready for sale 2020
Druer: Rondo/Castel
2016 12,5 230/31 Open for order. 
  Camoro em carvalho
(Matured in oak barrals)
Druer: Rondo/Castel
2016 12,5 280/37 open for orders

There is great interest in our wine.
As we annually produce only a limited amount of wine and have a desire for
more people to have the opportunity to enjoy our wine, we reserve us the right to limit sales to individual customers.

If you want to be sure on wines that goes on sale later,
you can order them in / during the wine tasting, in-store or by mail.
For binding bookings there is to be paid a deposit.

Booking is via E-mail til: