We arrange winetasting for groups up to
  12 persons on our wineyard.

When good weather during summertime, we can arrrange winetastings outside at the grapes for up to 24 persons.

We have handicap friendly facilities.

Price for a winetasing for:  (min. 5 personer)
Persons     Numbers of wines  Price pr. person in D kr.
5-6                                       5                    325
7-9                                       5                    300
10-12                                  5                    275

5-6                                       6                    350
7-9                                       6                    325
10-12                                  6                    300

Prices for other arrangemnts are individually agreed.
This is also the case for arrangments outside the wineyard.

Friday / Saturdays and Sunday holidays it is often possible with an afternoon and an evening event.

See for possible dates on the Danish webpage   :